Global Water Security Conference

for Agricultural and Natural Resources

Effective and efficient management of water resources is vital to agricultural productivity worldwide, making water security and food security inexorably linked in sustaining human well being.

Demand for fresh water is expected to outpace availability, threatening food production, public health, biodiversity, and energy generation, as well as foreign policy and international security. Strategies to increase the efficiency of water use and enhance agricultural productivity are in critical need and require a systematic approach that involves actions at all levels, from production techniques to land use management, sustainable intensification, climate smart agriculture, and collaboration among governmental agencies, private industry, and academia.

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, in collaboration with the Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers, is proud to present Global Water Security for Agriculture and Natural Resources, to bring together farmers, researchers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and policy makers on a common platform to discuss current and future water security problems, share research, and discuss creative solutions that can be applicable at various scales in different regions. The conference will specifically focus on water security for producing food, fiber, and energy crops as well as maintaining water quality and quantity needed for ecosystem health and services.

Expression of Interest

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